Armor Guard Dust Control is an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient polymer that is easily applied to soil areas. When applied using any equipment capable of spraying water, it will capture soil particles in a nano polymerized web preventing fugitive air borne dust. It is the best solution to replace water used continuously for dust control. When incorporated into the soil, processing it through layers of application, haul and traffic roads will become durable and resilient to UV and harsh weather condition. The stabilized road with reduce wash boarding, potholes, road maintenance, equipment stress and many health conditions. Here are many of Armor Guard’s Dust control benefits:

  • Lower Cost and High Performance, 55-gallon Drums & 275-gallon Totes
  • Easy to apply with 34-40% solids
  • Dries colorless and odorless
  • It is non-hazardous and environmentally safe for humans, animal and plants
  • Works with in-situ soils
  • Eliminates the need to import soils or base of any kind
  • It will not leach, reduces soil loss and is non-corrosive
  • Increased load bearing strength
  • Increased flexibility and tensile strength
  • Increase CBR strengths equal to pavement/concrete levels
  • Reduces fugitive airborne dust which adds to its health benefits
  • Reduced dust additionally reduces engine maintenance and equipment stress
  • Performs under freeze/thaw conditions
  • Finished roads can be striped or marked
  • Dyes can be added for color
  • Makes roads safer