Oil & Gas

Armor Guard is the perfect solution for oil roads, storage areas, oil pads and frac pond lining. These polymers will provide soil stabilization to with stand heavy loads, high traffic volume and adverse weather conditions. In addition, work can be completed quickly and very economically compared to conventional road construction.


Adding Armor Guard engineered polymers to the soils, will increase the load bearing strength by creating a polymerized connection of the soil particles. This will increase compaction of the soils and mitigate the swell potential of the treated areas, due to reduced moisture permeability. The interconnection of the polymer treated areas will distribute weight more effectively over the surface area. The better sub-base and the wear course will help prevent pot holes, wash boarding, rutting and reduce deflection. I addition, it will reduce the vehicle stress, wear and tear on the equipment and reduce tire consumption.

Haul Roads

Using Armor Guard on heavy Haul Roads will increase the load bearing strength, reduce wash boarding and reduce loss of tire tread due to road wear. Armor Guard will increase CBR strengths to pavement/concrete levels. Additionally, it will provide dust control reducing engine damage, soil loss and will perform even under freeze/thaw conditions.