Armor Guard, a product for many uses and industries. An Engineered Polymer for non-traffic dust control to stabilized roads for tank trails. There are many uses and possible applications for Armor Guard, whether for a conventional or an abstract use. Contact us to find your right application.

Solar Energy

Armor Guard provides the perfect solution to keeping dust off of solar panels. The saving received is almost immediate, as a result of increased collection efficiency and lower maintenance. This polymer application will reduce the airborne dust that will accumulate on the solar panels, not only inhibiting the solar collection, but damaging the mirror itself. Just pennies a square foot will keep soils from becoming problematic.

Golf Bunkers

Using Armor Guard in the golf bunkers reduces maintenance and stabilizes semi- vertical edges where erosion occurs due to wind and water. Armor Guard dries clear and is easy to apply, non-hazardous and eliminates the need to re-grade.

BMX Tracks

BMX Tracks are designed around 3 parameters. Armor Guard adds to the Safety, Continuity and Comfort and enhances the comfort factor of the rider. Additionally, it reduces construction costs and allows the usage of in-situ soils. This saves time and money and is environmentally friendly. Any color pigment can be added to give areas different colors.

Parking Lots

Asphalt and concrete can be very cost prohibitive when building a simple parking lot. Armor Guard will provide a durable surface for continued parking with- standing wind, rain and snow at a fraction of traditional methods.


Armor Guard polymers promote seed germination. Applying this polymer after planting, will hold in the water and reduce erosion. In addition, the polymer will help prevent seed displacement and will show earlier germination rates with a 20% higher germination rate in grasses. The erosion control will help the roots bind into the soils quicker reducing the effect of wind and rain.

Farm & Ranch Roads

Using Armor Guard on traveled and less traveled roads will reduce fugitive dust, increase load bearing capacity, reduce erosion and wash out. Polymer treated areas are more cost effective especially in areas that are less accessible. Most all in-situ or native soils can be used eliminating the cost of importing material.

Rest Stops

Rest Stops provide off the road areas for temporary parking and leisure. Often in a natural location, woods/plains/desert, these areas find little maintenance. Armor Guard can assist in the economics is needing little service. Our polymers can reduce dust and erosion for those areas and make them nicer and safer for those travelers.


When people and dust converge, Armor Guard is the solution. Controlling on-site dust reduces fugitive dust that attributes to negative health effects. Many environmental authorities have dust mandates and one application will control PM10 and PM2.5 air borne dust for months depending on the application. The allow greater cost saving over just constantly watering.